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Straw bale gardening

It’s time to devote some time to learning (and practicing) straw bale gardening. I’ve been aware of this technique/system for a while but have not paid much more attention. Here’s a great starting point, an article from The Dirt I Occupy “The Amazing Straw Bale Garden“. And another from No Dig Vegetable Garden. Here’s an… Read more »


This book describes a way of making compost, i.e. humus, which is simply, labour saving (no turning) and quick, both in ripening the compost and in getting results in the soil. It is adaptible to all conditions and to every size and type of garden, allotment or farm, the process being based on nature’s own methods.

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Growing Hops

Hops growing information resources I’m planning to grow hops, along with vines and many other plants and vegetables. I’d like to have a go at making my own beer and as hops grow wild in Hungary I thought why not formalise and control my own.   Beer Legends Hops Varieties Hoppris Hops varieties Hops.Sell.Eu Hops… Read more »

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Composting Toilet Systems

Here’s a list of composting toilet system articles & resources. Composting toilets Composting toilets Composting toilet (Wikipedia) Download the Humanure Handbook