A simple off-grid electricity system

Prepare to evaluate the current system

Buy a multimeter. A £10 – 15 will do.

Check the current system

Check for 10.5 – 15 volts supply from the current system components.

Buy new system components

  1. a 300W DC Inverter,
  2. a 700VA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This should have it’s own battery,
  3. a 12V DC inline Fuse Holder,
  4. 35 Amp fuse and sufficient 12V cable to connect all components.

Set up the new system

Run the cable from the panels/turbine to the fuse to the inverter+UPS. Connect the multimeter in-line in Amps-mode and connect to the inverter. Plug the Inverter into UPS. Plug all the appliances into the UPS.


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Written by norton